• Bulk SMS

    Bulk SMS

    Bulk marketing SMS service is a very effective service which allows you to send SMS to multiple people rapidly and effectively and reach your customers. It's a marketing service which is very important as it helps you to take your business to the customer's cell phone and gain more profit through our Database which consists of 2.5 million subscriber, with coordination of Ooredoo and Vodafone. You can filter our Database and target a specific category such as: Nationality, Age, Gender, VIP, Prepaid or Postpai and corporations.

    • 1 - Message is received directly to the the phone's inbox and nothing called FAILED because we send it via Ooredoo servers which is very accurate and effective.
    • 2 - Bulk Marketing SMS service is considered the cheapest marketing method than the other marketing way and also it's most effective.
    • 3 - Get an immediate feedback from customers once the Bulk is sent.
    • 4 - A helpful service when it is used in a regular basis because you will keep in touch with current and potential customers.
    • 5 - Packages are valid for use without an expiry date.
    Technical Support agents are always online for You Online
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